C Programs Compilation Process Steps

C is a high level language and it needs a compiler to convert it into an executable code so that the program can be run on our machine. So, this post will give you some basic Idea on what are all the intermediate files that get generated and also focus on the processes that happens in between. If know all the steps involved in the compilation process then you will come to know how you want to write your program. Read More

Linux Kernel and Modules/Drivers – Basics

In this section we learn learn what really a Kernel is. Linux Kernel is a way to have a centralised interface between a User (User Application) and a Machine (Hardware like Computer etc.). So, allows a user to talk to the hardware of the computer in more direct and efficient way. So user application need NOT know all about the complexity involved in how to talk to a hardware of a computer machine.

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OOPS Programming Concepts Explained

 This Post will give you an idea on OOPS (Object Oriented Programming) Concepts. This might help one to face interviews related to software programming. To list, we have Abstraction, Encapsulation, Polymorphism, Overloading, Overriding, Inheritance, Aggregation, Association, Composition, Dependency. After reading this post you will get to know what Object Oriented Programming is famous for.

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